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Category: Business:Marketing

Understanding how we as humans make decisions is an important part of marketing. Behavioral economics is the study of decision making and can give keen insight into buyer behavior and help to shape your marketing mix. Marketers can tap into Behavioral Economics to create environments that nudge people towards their products and services, to conduct better market research and analyze their marketing mix.

March 18, 2021

Motivating Your Team Through Acquisition Theory

Acquisition theory is a motivational model that affirms that we all have three motivating drivers: achievement, power and affiliation. The type of motivation by which each we are driven derives from our life experiences, perceptions and cultural norms. As a leader in your organization, assessing and understanding your team's motivational drivers helps you to create a working environment that not only optimizes your employees productivity but promotes their overall wellness and well-being. 

March 4, 2021

Leveraging Pent-up Demand for Business Growth

In this episode, we considered ways in which travel companies can leverage pent-up demand through research, collaboration, targeting and using this time to skill-up and onboard new employees.